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I have an old sprinkler system that needs repairs. Would I be better off repairing or replacing my current system?

Our professional staff would be glad to come out and evaluate your current system with a free estimate of either repairing, or providing you with a new, efficient irrigation system.

When is the best time of year to treat grub worms?

The best time to treat your yard for grub worms is in June. This is when the grubs are in the adult phase of their life and begin to aggregate around the lights and mate. They then proceed to plant their eggs in your yard.

Why does my St. Augustine look so bad?

St. Augustine is typically grown in acidic soils. In Albany and the surrounding areas, we have a higher pH with alkaline soils. Although St. Augustine can be shade tolerant it still requires sunlight so this can be a problem with too much shade. Also, people tend to over-water their St.

How long does your industrial weed control last?

The industrial weed control spray has a residual of 12-15 months. I recommend that you re-spray every year to maintain control of the pesky industrial weeds. If weeds do re-appear before the 12 months, we stand behind our work and will re-apply the chemicals at no charge.

Do I have to water when you put out a weed application?

Yes. Anytime we make an application to your lawn you must water within days of that application. Pre-emerge only needs to be lightly watered and can be done as early as 6 hours after the application or up to 3 to 5 days after.

Are any of the chemicals your company applies to my lawn harmful to my children or pets?

No, nothing we apply is harmful to children or animals.

How do I get my yard to look healthy, green, and free from weeds?

There are three rules of thumb to growing healthy turf:
Rule #1- You must have proper mowing frequencies and mow at the correct height
Rule #2- Proper fertilization and watering routines are essential
Rule #3- You must have some type of weed control program for your lawn

When is the best time of the year to plant seed or sod my lawn?

You can sod while turf is dormant in the winter time, however my recommendation is that you sod during the months that turf will have optimal growing conditions. In Albany, Texas and the surrounding big country, the most suitable turf for our climate is a warm season turf.

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